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Social Booth

My social booth will add to the atmosphere of your event! Creating memories on demand. With instant delivery, you and your guests can immediately share photos, gifs and boomerangs with the world.

Copy of Photo Wall.png

Photo Wall

See the party from everyone's perspective! Turn your guests photos into a live slideshow and capture all those unforgettable candid shots. You'll receive an album link after your event so you can save all the photos. You choose where you want us to display your photos: on the TV in the DJ Booth, TV screens already in your venue, or using a projector and screen.

Monogram Projection

Have your chosen monogram design projected onto the ceiling, floor or wall of your venue and see your name in lights!

Copy of Monogram Projection.png

Professional Slideshow

Include a professional, personalized photo slideshow at your event. Send me the photos, music selection, and any specific requests and I'll handle the rest including setting up a projector and screen or utilizing your venues already in-place TV screens.

LED Light-up Foam Sticks

Add that little extra to your dance floor vibe! LED Light-up Foam Sticks are a great addition to keep the party poppin', especially if our photographer or videographer are staying for the party!

Copy of LED Foam Sticks.png
Copy of Dancing on a Cloud.png

Dancing on a Cloud

Take your wedding to the fairytale level! This effect is sure to create an added impact to a special dance or moment of your celebration.

CO2 Cannon

Borrowed from the nightclub scene the CO2 Cannon is literally the coolest special effect for your wedding or event!

Copy of Club Cannon.png
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