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Why you need a DJ at your wedding

As a couple begins the fun, but at times overwhelming, process of planning their wedding...their special day...They may find themselves asking a very important question: Why should I hire a DJ? With all the music readily available on smart devices, it's a valid question.

I could throw a bunch of statistics at you, but I'll keep it to these two: According to St. Louis Bride & Groom magazine, 81% of wedding guests say the entertainment is what they remember the most and 78% of brides say, after the wedding, they wish they had made entertainment their #1 priority.

The DJ plays a very important role in your special day. Even more than you may realize until it's too late. Lets talk about what a professional DJ brings to the table:

Experience & Planning: If you're like most couples, you probably don't have a lot of wedding planning experience. That's a good thing, but it means you may need a professional to help. An experienced DJ should have many events under their belt and thus be able to provide you with advice based on the things they've seen work or not work in the past. A big piece of the planning is all activities on the big day itself. From the walk down the aisle to the last dance and everything in between, Cue It Up Entertainment will help plan the flow of the entire day. Professional Audio Equipment: There’s a lot more to sound than throwing up a couple speakers and hoping for the best. There is also a big difference between the speakers you have at home and the pro audio equipment a professional DJ will have. Cue It Up Entertainment will arrive with all the audio equipment necessary to make sure there is sufficient sound for your party as well as backup equipment, just in case. Need wireless microphones for your ceremony and toasts? We'll have you covered. MC & Timekeeper: In most cases your DJ will also be your Emcee making the necessary announcements to keep things moving throughout the evening. If things begin to stall, your guests will get antsy and will be more likely to leave early rather than staying to party the night away. It takes a bit of finesse to move things along without feeling rushed through the formalities. On your wedding day the clock will be the last thing on your mind, which will allow you to enjoy your special day even more. Having someone managing that for you is key to a successful event. The DJ will communicate with the photographer, caterer, bartender, etc. to make sure everyone's ready for what's coming up. Let your DJ run the show and you’ll see how smoothly your event goes.

Formalities: Whether it's your first dance or the bouquet toss, the music is going to need to be started and stopped on several occasions and often you'll want special songs for certain things. That's definitely not something you want to deal with on your big day and it's also not the easiest thing to do on an iPod. Leave that to the pros.

Atmosphere & Vibe: When it comes down to it, you can only do so much to predict the vibe of the party ahead of time. Sometimes the adults have all the fun, sometimes the kids are the life of the party and they tend to make a lot of requests! If you chose to use an iPod you're stuck with your pre-programmed playlist and if the crowd isn't feelin’ it, there's not much you can do to change it aside from hitting “shuffle”. An experienced DJ will be able to handle requests as well as read the crowd and make adjustments to keep the party going. ​​ Music: Obviously…but stick with me here. Professional DJs typically belong to DJ Pools where they get their music and often times they may even have access to music before the general public. Cue It Up Entertainment is constantly updating our music library with the newest tracks. If we don't have the song you're looking for, chances are we can get it quickly and at no extra cost.

Considering the most memorable thing about your wedding will likely be the entertainment it simply makes sense to consider hiring a professional to handle your entertainment. Hiring a professional DJ allows you to really experience your special day, one that you've put so much time and effort into planning. Sit back, relax and enjoy your day knowing that Cue It Up Entertainment has your back.

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