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Does your DJ care?

There are all kinds of DJ's out there. There's a lot of great ones, there's some really bad ones and tons in between.

I posed a question today in a DJ networking group I'm in. The result was a reminder that not everyone cares the same about the quality and success of your event.

What I was hoping to gain were some tidbits on how I could improve my clients' experiences specifically for 'Barn Weddings.' Unfortunately, I didn't get the advice I was looking for but I did get a couple DJ's who have had experiences similar to mine. It's nice to know I'm not alone, but that just means we can all do a little better.

Most of all, I got a couple of 'nuggets' (both from the same DJ) that inspired this post:

"I get paid the same either way. It's not my fault they didn't plan well. I do my part and serve at my best and that's all I can do."

"I'll take the gig and the paycheck and simply go in there serving in every way I can. I don't want to give too much advice though. That's like giving artistic design consultation for the Titanic."

Despite the mention of "serving" their client, it's pretty obvious from these quotes that this DJ is in it for the money. They aren't interested in serving the client the best way possible. They also have a preconceived notion that a 'Barn Wedding' is a sinking ship, so to speak, that can't be saved and therefore trying to improve it is not worth their time. They don't believe they can be better.

It CAN be better. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong. But I'm darn sure gonna try.

Recognizing some inherent issues with 'Barn Weddings' I went looking for wisdom because I want to improve the overall experience for my clients and their guests. Next week's Blog Post will be all about 'Barn Weddings' and how to get exactly the experience you're looking for from them.

My commitment to my clients is to deliver the BEST experience possible by exceeding their expectations, not just meeting them and I'll put in whatever time and effort is necessary to make that happen.

Your DJ should care as much, if not more than you do about the quality and success of your event. You won't get that from the guy who's just in it for the paycheck.

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