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5 Keys to a Great Wedding Dance Party

It takes more than just great music to make a great dance party. If your vision for your big day includes a packed dance floor after dinner then consider the tips below while planning your celebration.

Have an actual dance floor

When your guests arrive and see an actual dance floor it immediately sets the tone for things to come. A true dance floor is much more inviting than a "dance area" on carpet, concrete, or grass. If your venue doesn't provide a dance floor, consider renting one for your event.

Be the life of the party

Your friends, family, and guests are there to see you and they will tend to go where you go. If you want your guests on the dance floor all night, that's where you should be too.

Limit Distractions

Things like photo booths and yard games are great for cocktail hour while you're finishing up photos or during dinner for those folks that were first through the buffet but they will compete for your guests attention when you want them on the dance floor later. It's often best to wrap those things up before toasts and keep everyone focused on dancing the night away.

Start as late as possible

There's a reason dance clubs don't open until night time. The fact of the matter is people are more inclined to dance when it's dark out. If you're ceremony starts at 3pm, for example, dancing time will probably start around 6pm. In the summer, that's the hottest part of the day on top of being as bright as can be. The later you begin your ceremony, the darker (and cooler) it will be when it's time to start dancing and the better chance you'll have at packing the dance floor.

Air Conditioning & Ventilation

If your reception is going to be indoors give consideration to the comfort of your guests. Here in the PNW we have a lot of barn venues and many are not well ventilated. In the summertime that means if it's hot outside its even hotter inside. Your guests will not stay on the dance floor long if they're a sweaty, sticky mess after a couple of songs. Choosing a venue with good ventilation, or better yet air conditioning, or even simply providing fans can certainly help keep your dance floor rocking.

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