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  • Travis Engelhart

Unique Wedding Ideas: How to get a photo with every guest in less than 4 minutes

At a recent wedding, my couple wanted to make sure they got a photo with every guest who came to celebrate with them that day. When they told me that they wanted to do this, I knew had the perfect idea.

A few months earlier, sitting in a bar in Las Vegas with a few new friends from a workshop I had just attended, I waited out my delayed flight. No better time to have a drink and share ideas. One of those ideas came from Ken Murphy of Amp Event Professionals in Chicago.

The idea was an game called "Freeze Frame" named after the song of the same name. The basic idea is that when the music starts the bride & groom begin racing around the room for a quick photo with each table. The only rule is: they must get to every table before the song ends.

Not only did this turn out to be a great way to kick things off and have fun before dinner but now they have a way to remember every single person that was with them on their big day.

The key to success for this activity is having a great MC who can get your guests having fun with it. And even more important is having a photographer that's on board ahead of time. Jaclynn of Sincerely Jaclynn Photography did a phenomenal job making this happen.

Photo Credit: Sincerely Jaclynn Photography

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